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 CASH Paid For Recycling Materials
Dealer Pricing is available on large quantities of scrap materials
All CRV Beverage Containers
Aluminum Cans, Glass, Plastic, (with California Redemption Value only)
NEW CA LAW - The new per-person, per-day limits are 100 pounds of aluminum or plastic CRV-eligible containers, and 1,000 pounds of CRV glass. 

All Scrap Metals
Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Lead, Steel, Tin, Iron, Copper
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All Appliances & HVAC
AC Units, Toaster, Ovens, Stoves, Microwaves, Washers and Dryers, Dish Washers, Range Tops, Refrigerators, AC Units, Water Heaters (empty), Heaters, Exercise Equipment, Motors, Heavy Equipment, Brake Rotors, Forklifts, Electric Motors, Sealed Units, Aluminum and Steel Rims, Radiators (aluminum, copper brass, ACR), Lead Acid Batteries
Scrap Electronics
Cash is paid for larger quantities of scrap electronics such as circuit boards and whole towers—over 500lbs.
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and description of common materials
 Recycling Materials We Accept But Don't Pay For Or May Charge For.

All Electronics
LCD Screens, TV's & Monitors (from Calif. sources ONLY), Vacuum Cleaners, Copiers, Printers, Cell Phones, Mother Boards, Computers, DVD & CD Players, Keyboards, Stereos, Fax Machines, Plus Other Misc Electronics. Cash is paid for larger quantities (over 500lbs) of scrap electronics such as circuit boards and whole towers.

Other Materials
Assembled Window Screens, Windows With Screens, Water Heaters Full Of Water

Click Here for a complete list and description of common materials
Materials We Do Not Accept 

Misc. Materials
Tires (with or without rims), Propane Tanks, Paint, Oil, Metal Shavings, Mattresses, Live Ammunition, Radioactive Material, Street Signs, Needles, Aluminum Foil, Coaxial Cable, Non-CRV Plastic, PVC Pipe, Non-CRV Glass, Back Flow Valves, Alkaline Batteries, PCB Ballasts, Wood, Pallets, Paper, Newspaper

Other Materials
Stolen Material, Government Property, Out-of-State Redemption Value Materials, Materials With Excessive Liquid or Other Foreign Substances

For help with disposing of or recycling materials that we cannot accept, 
call 1-800-RECYCLE for more information.

Competitive Pricing
Dealer Pricing Available for Large Quantities of SCRAP Materials

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