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State Rules and Regulations

Mandatory 3 Day Hold

The State of California requires all recyclers to place a 3 day hold on all non-ferrous materials, non-ferrous metals are not attracted to magnets nor do they rust such as copper, alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum (excluding CRV materials). Businesses and contractors may avoid this hold by providing their valid business license, contractors license, or sellers permit. Employees or drivers of companies on file should provide a letterhead authorizing payment in cash at the time of delivery. Frequent customers with five or more times consecutively in a three month period may also avoid this hold. Also, transactions resulting in a payment less than $20 total, may be exempt from the hold. 

All non-ferrous transaction must provide a valid ID or passport. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter into a contract to sell non-ferrous scrap material. no walk-ins are permitted due to the fact that the state law requires a License Plate number to be provided on the sale or transfer of non-ferrous material. All transactions of non-ferrous metals require a thumb print and signature, all information is sent to the Santee Sheriffs Department.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I remove the tabs from aluminum beverage containers?
No, it is best to leave the tabs on the cans. Tabs collected separately are purchased as scrap metal and are at a lower value than CRV materials. 

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