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Description of Common Materials 
For more information on the items we accept, please call us at (619) 390-6637 or use our online contact form.

Items we purchase

Scrap Steel  ex. Iron, I-beams , motors, parts brake, rotors, weights, autos

Appliances Tin; stoves, ranges, ovens, refrigerator, hot water heaters, ac units, furnaces, washers, dryers,  microwaves, toasters, bikes , lawnmowers

Rims; steel rims, alum rims chrome rims. No tires

Clothes: ex. Bed sheets, pillow cases, shirts, pants, sweaters

Steel bed frames

Heavy equipment ex. forklift, tractors, trucks

Copper pipes with or without corrosion

Cut in half propane tanks, oxygen tanks with valves removed

Brass Shell casings or lead fragments

Copper pipes or sheet copper with or without brass fittings

Copper wire bare or with jacket stranded or solid all gage no ends.

Aluminum: wire with or without jacket with or without steel  strands

Aluminum sheet or solid with our without paint with or without oxidation

Sealed units: compressors

Bronze: ex. statues, figurines  boat propellers

Brass: ex. keys, valves other than backflow, fixtures, faucets.   

CRV Cans Aluminum cans soda cans pop tops

Glass CRV Beverage containers

Green, clear, blue, & brown ex.  Beer bottles, glass water bottles.

CRV Plastic beverage containers. Ex. Soda, water, misc. plastic drink containers

Water jugs &  bottles CRV only

Electric-motors ex. garbage disposals, ignitions, other misc. motors. 

Stainless steel

Note: stainless steel appliances are tin unless industrial.

Cardboard baled or loose

ex. boxes

Appliances dead or alive

Auto batteries ex.  motorcycle, boat ,motor home, semi, forklift, ALL ANY  lead acid or gel Batteries no alkaline

Cat food cans, tin food containers must be free of food contaminates

Loads of paper over 500lbs Any paper ex. newsprint, white, blue prints, office, ink ok. must be dry

Large quantities of processors or chips

Lead ex.  fishing weight, exam room walls, wheel weights, bullet rounds

Radiators: with our without steel casing. aluminum copper rads, aluminum rads, auto rads, copper brass or copper copper rads.

Large quantities of towers or mother boards over 500lbs

No PCB ballast resistors

Hi-temp metals

Window frames, screen door  shower door frames, porch awnings & sheds

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